Flutter Navigator 2.0 made simple: VRouter

VRouter basics

  • routes is a list of VRouteElement
  • VWidget is a VRouteElement mapping a path to a widget .


A Simple Example

  • /books which displays the list of books
  • books/:title with :title being a path parameter being to be any string, and representing the name of a book.
  • /unknown which covers any unknown path

VRouter configuration

  • A VWidgetcan have stackedRoutes, this is useful to created the paths you want. Here the path :title does not start with / and it is a subroute of the path /books so the matched path is /books/:title
  • VRouteRedirector is a special type of VRouteElement which allows to redirect easily. Note that the path in composed of a path parameter since it starts with :which has a regExp specified in parentheses: .+ allows us to match anything.
  • context.vRouter allows you to access VRouter data such as the path parameter


Full code

Learn more

  • Change the default transition or specify specific transitions for specific routes
  • Nesting widgets (instead of stacking) by using another VRouteElement named VNester
  • Customize back button behavior
  • React to route changes (stop them, redirect, …)
  • Saving your widget state to restore it when the browser backward button is pressed




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